Twin Victoria WALKS, Emma remains as a solo housemate

Victoria has walked from the Big Brother house, leaving her twin sister Emma behind who will now continue the game as a solo housemate.

Channel 5 have released this statement:

“Victoria has this morning decided to leave the Big Brother house, her twin sister Emma will continue as a housemate in Big Brother.”

Following the fallout from last nights fake eviction which saw Others, Andrew and Ryan move into the main house, Victoria and Emma broke out of the house.

Friday night then took a further twist, when Marco and Chelsea busted out of the house in the early hours but returned shortly afterwards.

Big Brother will air this dramatic episode tonight.

One thought on “Twin Victoria WALKS, Emma remains as a solo housemate

  • June 11, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    I wonder if it was their plan to split up after a few days in the house. It feels like they used their twin thing as a schtick to get on the show.


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