Opinion: Tonight’s Launch Looms – Nothing Will Be The Same Again

Tonight marks the start of seventeenth civilian series of Big Brother, and nothing will be the same again…


Everything from the way the show is edited, the housemates, the twists and even the format has been said to have gone under massive change. But Channel 5 and Endemol are riding on a massive revamp to ease declining interest in the program.

As a BB fan, it goes without saying, this revamp is their last shot at actually capturing our attention and cementing a new audience for many years to come, they NEED to get it right.

With Endemol taking full control of the upcoming series, also goes without saying, won’t let this series fail after heavy criticisms from fans all-around for the past two years.

Many fans will point this to ‘lack of Live Feed’, but I think it’s deeper than that.


What I believe made Big Brother great was the essence that the show had, such as the subtle focus on housemate interactions and their day to day activities, while being immersed in the BB madness made great telly. For example, the housemates arguing over the shopping budget, colourful, eccentric characters, the light-hearted fun and sometimes ridiculous arguments that made great telly. Now there is a central focus on visibly ‘forced’ manipulated fights that seem to happen every single night. The last series in full that I felt that captured that essence was Big Brother 15 (2013).


This lack of this ‘essence’ has made BBUK just like any other reality show I watch, not to say I don’t enjoy the show anymore, I am still an avid fan, but what made Big Brother stand out from the rest should be integrated into the new.


Tonight, like a lot of long-time fans, I am hoping they pull this off, and they deliver, and it can be done. I welcome this new format change, and fingers crossed it creates the new life for a show that I think has the potential to make it into the next decade.

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