Jackson and Georgina On The Rocks

On tonight’s BB Jackson and Georgina will sit down to discuss a dramatic night in the BB House.

Georgina said she felt overwhelmed by her relationship with Jackson.

“I’ve always wanted to be with somebody who talks to me like you do, and now I have it I don’t know what to think”

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Georgina announced that she wasn’t used used to somebody wanting to kiss her and cuddle her.

“I’ve had too much to drink tonight i’ve behaved inappropriately” Jackson said.

Jackson revealed he used to drink and do drugs because he didn’t want to deal with what was going on around him.

Georgina said she didn’t expect him to drink on what could be her last night in the house.

Jackson said to Georgina “I know if you walk (get evicted) tomorrow, i’m gonna die”.

Georgina replied “You won’t die”

Catch all of this in tonights Big Brother

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