Fans “Shattered” Over Appeared Live Feed Absence

The new advert certainly sounds like “Where is the Live Feed?” but it doesn’t look like we’re getting any…..again

@BBSpy said on Twitter today:

So with that news aside, following our coverage of Big Brother Canada 4, it became evident to us here at Being Big Brother that Live Feed is an essential part of the Big Brother experience, and without access to it, fans are left out to dry watching tweets written by producers.

Since 2011, fans have campaigned with Big Brother UK bosses over reinstating the Live Feed 24/7, countless polls, petitions and letters have been sent from a large number of fans. Channel 5 have continually told us the cost is too high, and it’s not viable.

In the Canadian version, Live Feeds are FREE with multiple cameras; the feeds can also be reminded so viewers can choose what they watch in the house.

When you look at the technology available, the size of the UK and the amount of people who watch the show, there is no excuse not to have it.

The Feeds are an essential part of the Big Brother format, and Channel 5 already know this from Daley’s removal from Big Brother: Secrets and Lies in 2013.

Whilst the lack of Live Feed isn’t confirmed, it is looking more likely that although big changes are in store this year, Live Streaming isn’t one of them.

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