Day 2 in the Big Brother house

On tonight’s show: Natalie reveals more about her past.  Ryan has a meltdown when he discovers Sam is in the Other House.  Jayne also reveals her connection to Chelsea.  The Others target Alex and he in turn nominates Andy.  Laura and Marco get closer.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

    • 12 brand new Housemates wake up the Big Brother House for the first time. They are totally unaware that 6 Others are a short distance away in The Other House
    • Laura and Marco get closer in the The Pod.
    • Ryan talking about last night in The Other Diary Room: “How embarrassing on the first night, throwing up outside…I looked like I was on a hen do…my beer goggles have worn off and I realised I was a desperate little tramp just craving for attention”. Ryan goes onto discuss about wanting to get in the main House: “I will be quite ruthless in getting in there…I’m not leaving here as an other”
    • In the other garden Ryan is finding out Natalie’s secret.  Ryan: “I want to know what’s going on with you.  You’re hiding something very secret…it’s something to with politics”.  Natalie: “I’m always in the press.  I’m a Madam basically…was”.  Ryan: “so what did you have to do, tie them up and whip them? “  Natalie: “Yeah”
    • Laura discusses sleeping arrangements with Jackson and Sam: “You’re quite fidgety, shall I try with Marco tonight?  I feel like I’m bed-hopping everywhere”.  Jackson: “When you feel like kissing and cuddling, then let me know.  I like spooning, I’m like that insecure boy that’s like hold me…mind my hard on but you know”
    • Big Brother shows the Others the remaining Housemates’ audition tapes to help them decide who else to target and Ryan realises he has a connection with Sam.  Ryan: “Oh my god he tried to take two of my exes from me.  Sam talks in his tape about Ryan “He kept trying to be me…obsessed with me”. Ryan: “Get me into that fu$%ing house now.  That guy is going to wish I was never in the fu%^ing place, I swear to god…I am raging”
    • Jayne confides in the housemates and that she has a history with Chelsea.  Jayne: “I never had a relationship with Chelsea but we were very, very friendly…who knows what might have happened but we fell out just before Big Brother…very recent, weeks”
    • Big Brother reveals to The Others that they targeted Laura.  Big Brother informs them that Laura chose to nominate Lateysha, and informs them that they must now select another target. Ryan and Charlie want to keep Jason and Sam in the House so they can come face to face.
    • The Housemates take part in a “tree of sins” task and The Others watch from The Other House.  
    • Charlie talks about Jason after watching the Housemates label him as fickle in the task:  Charlie: “We started rowing…it got quite bad.  I started noticing he was backing off…he text me saying he can’t make me happy…I was awful to him”
    • Marco and Laura arrange to sleep together.  Marco: “I just wanna sleep and have a good time on Big Brother”. Laura makes it a deal.
    • Laura on Marco: “I’m really weirdly drawn to him.  I definitely would f*ck him, I’d want him to f%ck me really hard.”
    • The Others target Alex.  Big Brother reveals that he is nominated and that he in turn must nominate. He chooses Andy.  Alex and Andy join Lateysha and Laura in facing eviction.


  • Marco talks about Laura in The Pod: “I’m here to have a good time, not to be playing games….”


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