Day 10 Highlights Spoilers

Here is what is going down on tonights Big Brother

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:
• Georgina talks with Emma about the aftermath of last night and how she feels about Marco:
o Georgina: “Our paths would never really cross…I take an insult as a personal criticism, he drains me.”
• Natalie talks about Hughie in The Other Diary Room:
o Natalie: “I can’t bear being in the same place as Hughie, I never want to see that f&^cker ever again in my life after this place, it’s actually painful to be around him. I’m just hoping I’ve get to nominate against him face to face, cause boy I’ve got some things to tell him”
• Ryan tells Hughie he thinks really fancies him:
o Ryan: “I’m not in love but I really, really, really fancy you, I think I’m actually in love with you…I just want to pull you closer, its just hard to look at you…I’m getting upset…I don’t want you to just be a friend.”
• Ryan confesses to Alex and Jackson that he’s playing a prank on Hughie.
• Ryan and Charlie talk about setting Hughie straight after he told Charlie that he liked Ryan a bit.
• Ryan then speaks to Hughie and they promise to be best mates:
o Ryan: “I think I’m just being stupid…I think I’m just being bit emotional. Just ignore me.”
• Chelsea and Natalie are talking about Jayne:
o Natalie: “She says she doesn’t believe in cheating cause she says that’s what her agency is all about, catching cheaters”
o Chelsea: “But she’s the girl who cheats on everybody, she’s a kiss and tell…She is a lying fucking bitch…Dirty whore!”
• Georgina cries in the Diary Room after he hoodie is found wet on the floor in the garden:
o Georgina: “I just made a bunch of enemies in there, I just want to be anywhere but here!”
• Lateysha, Evelyn and Laura talk about whether or not Laura actually had sex with Marco:
o Evelyn: “If the penis went in its sex!”
o Laura: “It did.”
o Evelyn: “You’ve had sex mate, the dick went in!”
• Andy and Marco talk about Marco’s complicated love life:
o Marco: “I love Kim [Marco’s fiancé], I love her to pieces. I just get distracted…she’s a great girl…I got engaged in three weeks.”
• Marco and Laura kiss.
• Jackson is in The Other Diary Room talking about Georgina:
o Jackson: “She could be going tomorrow, and I’m not going to be able to f%^cking see her before she goes…I just want to say bye to her at least…street kid looses again. It’s like I’m Aladdin and she’s Princess Jasmine and you’re the genie so why can’t you just help me out?”
• Lateysha is challenging Marco about his open relationship:
o Marco: “She [Marco’s fiancé] is the boss, but she gave me a complete hall pass for Big Brother.”
o Lateysha: “I’m going to be honest, that is bad on both girls…Do you think that she is going to be upset about what happened?…I just think that you should think about it before you go putting rings on peoples fingers.”
o Marco: “I love her [Marco’s fiancé].”
o Lateysha: “So what is it with Laura?”
o Laura: “Its nothing. I definitely think I shouldn’t have done it cause now its not left me in a great position at all”
• Ryan and Hughie kiss again under the covers:
o Ryan: “It’s f££cking hot in here. I don’t know why unless its because I’m next to Hughie, or what?”
• Marco and Andy are talking in The Pod:
o Andy: “I do think you respect women but sometimes the way you are it does look bad. It does look bad for you…be careful is what I’m saying!”


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