Day 1 in the Big Brother house

On tonight’s show: The Others discover that some of them are connected to the Housemates, with devastating consequences

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

  • A brand new Big Brother house, but this year there’s a huge twist: a second secret house which will be home to a secret dark force
  • 12 housemates enter the main house
  • In the secret second house, there are 6 of The Others who will fight for full housemate status by secretly targeting and unsettling the housemates in the main house
  • The housemates do not know that The Others exist
  • So far The Others have targeted Laura. She will face eviction on Friday and had to nominate one other housemate to join her. She chose Lateysha
  • In the house, Andy gives Lateysha a pep talk, advising her to take Laura’s nomination as a compliment, and not to take it personally
  • In the kitchen, Lateysha sits near Laura. Laura apologises, and tells her it’s an awful position to be in. Lateysha says it’s a game and that she is fine, “it is what it is!”
  • In the kitchen, Marco tells Lateysha that he has been given a hall pass by his fiancé
  • Jason tells Jackson he’s been single for three months, “there’s a reason why she’s an ex, if I see an ex I’ll be over that wall!”
  • In the diary room, Lateysha tells Big Brother, “I feel like I’m in an amazing dream! Laura is obviously threatened by me, that’s why she nominated me. F**king b*tch! All I can say is that karma is a f**king b*tch.”
  • In the garden, Chelsea and Marco are talking about Marco’s modelling career, “I try and be me and I don’t say yes to every job! I ain’t trying to impress no one!”
  • In The Other house, six housemate audition VTs are revealed to The Others
  • On watching Marco’s VT, Ryan comments, “what a muppet!”
  • When Jason’s VT is revealed, Charlie reacts, “Oh my god! Oh no! It’s my ex boyfriend.” She starts to cry, says she had no idea and admits she still loves him, even though Jason split up with her
  • The Others discuss that as a group they should now target Jason. Andrew tells Charlie she can now get revenge
  • Big Brother opens the garden; The Others hear the housemates. They remain quiet
  • In The Other house, Natalie is speculating that Andrew could be a ‘mole’ as she noticed that he gave her a ‘sly look’
  • In The Other diary room, Natalie thinks that Andrew is sly and she does not trust him, “I need to get into the main house so I can be myself, cause drama and be happy!”
  • Marco jumps in the hot tub wearing his jeans and trainers
  • In the diary room, Jackson reveals that all the ladies are gorgeous, “I’m spoilt for choice! There’s something about Georgina.”
  • Marco offers to share his bed with Evelyn
  • In the garden, Marco tells Jason and Chelsea that he loves his father to pieces, and that he sees him a lot
  • In the diary room, Georgina thinks Lateysha is nice, and that Evelyn may see her as a threat
  • In The Other garden, Ryan vomits. Hughie and Andrew check on him
  • In the bedroom, Sam and Laura are giving Jackson a massage in their bed
  • Andrew is in The Other diary room and tells Big brother, “I don’t have a game plan. I’ve decided to stay quiet and learn about my housemates. I don’t care if no one likes me. I know I am the most intelligent person in this house. Fact. I want to get in the main house.”

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