Channel 5 Gives Big Brother UK A Relaunch This Summer

Channel 5 has announced today at the Inside Summit that Big Brother will be relaunched this Summer.

Following announcement of a house extension and new set, this will be the first major relaunch since Big Brother moved to Channel 5 in 2011, so major changes can be expected.

We know that Emma Willis has been confirmed to return in the Summer to front Big Brother 2016, however, Rylan Clark’s role in the upcoming series has not been discussed or announced.

So just how could Big Brother UK relaunch itself this Summer?

Some fans online have suggested Big Brother UK to take elements of the Canadian, USA and Australian editions of the program, so hypothetically what could this look like?

Nominations – Big Brother Australia
Each housemate is given 5 points to distribute amongst two housemates, which they can use any way they like.

The three or more housemates with the most votes face the public vote.

A common trend in Big Brother Australia was that the Head of House was given a Nominations Superpower to drastically affect the final result of the Nominations.

Head Of Household – Big Brother Canada/USA/Australia
A competition or task held each week where one housemate is able to win Head of House and have major control over the game for a week would add a new element to Big Brother UK.

In the Australian, Canadian and American versions the winning housemate is given a luxury quarters to spend the week in.

Power Of Veto – Big Brother USA/Canada
The housemates that are up for eviction and the Head of House compete for who should win the Power of Veto to replace one of the nominations with another contestant.

Whilst this was briefly done in Big Brother 11 in 2010, adding a competition element could make things very interesting.

Free Live Feeds – Big Brother Canada
Big Brother’s audience on Channel 5 is around the same size as the Canadian version, hence a Live Feed 24/7 being reinstated to the program would be essential, if they are taking a more game approach to the show. Whilst there would obviously be the daily highlights show, in the current digital age and social media presence a Live Stream would increase audience participation and interactivity with the show.

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