Sideshow Week 1 Recap

Arisa Cox and Peter Brown returned to the Big Brother Canada Sideshow for Season 4, with new host Sarah Hanlan .

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Sarah thinks that this season is shaping up to be “the best season yet”

Peter picked Ramsey as the long shot of Big Brother Canada 4 as he “is the most sociable and likable”

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Sarah disagreed “I think Sharry has got what it takes, I think she has that casual atmosphere that you’re talking about with Ramsey”

Sarah also added that she believes that Sharry “won’t throw competitions” which has become a common theme of Big Brother’s USA and Canada formats in recent years.

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When talking about the brothers Nick and Phillipe, both Sarah and Peter agreed that they are likely to clash and play a very different game to one another, despite being one houseguest. Peter also acknowledged that this was the first time this has been done in the North American format.

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“If I was in that house I would be going absolutely crazy, I love how Big Brother Canada continues to push the format, I wanna see Tim and Nikki run rough shot through this house” said Peter

Sarah disagreed “I want these Candians to show these two how to live in Canada, and I hope that they bring people out of their shells a little bit, and show them that polite isn’t always best, which I think is already happening a little bit.

First evictee of the season Paige also joined the Sideshow, and spoke about her downfall being due to “not connecting” with any of the other houseguests on the first night.

Peter believes that Sarah fell victim to the “first girl out” trend that has been a regular occurrence on Big Brother’s North American seasons.

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Overall, Sarah did a terrific job on her first night of the Sideshow and we can’t wait to see what is to come! Tune into the Sideshow next Friday night for more on what goes on behind Big Brother Canada

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