OPINION: Have BBCAN4 Producers Lost Their Touch?

As a massive fan of all English speaking Big Brother’s it goes without saying that Canada has one of the most exciting takes on the format, taking the basis of the American format and tweaking it with ideas from Big Brother Australia and Big Brother UK. But this week, myself and other fans have been wondering, have Canadian producers lost their touch?

Tonight’s twist results have left a lot of fans with a sour taste in their mouths. Let’s be honest, it was far from unpredictable that if the houseguests were given the vote to send either Kelsey or Loveita back into the game, that Kelsey’s position as the weaker player would influence that result.

When Big Brother was brought to Canada viewers were promised and given chances to effect the game, providing an element of audience interaction and decision over the game, which had previously not been seen in the North American format. I honestly feel this is what is lacking from this current season.

If producers are thinking that the most interesting input viewers have to make on the current season is “flipping the HoH room” then they would be horribly mistaken. Canadian viewers know how this game works, they have seen it long enough, and they want real players to make it to the end of the game. Had Canada had the choice on who to send back into the Grand, one hundred percent it would have been Loveita.

We can only predict at this stage on what the Canadian producers will do next to spice up the season, but one can only hope that players like Sharry and Loveita will be given another chance to turn the Grand completely on it’s head, and send a spanner in the works to really make these houseguests fight for the prize.

Or perhaps sending in 4 fresh new houseguests to intrude on the game would give the current batch of houseguests a reason to up the ante and fight to win the game.

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