Day 37: Fans Angry Over BBCAN4 Twist Screw Up

What was shaping up to be one of the most exciting twists of the season has fallen flat on it’s face.

This week, Loveita and Kelsey have been locked away in a secret part of the grand watching the every move of their fellow houseguests, after being fake evicted.

Viewers were told last week that one of the two houseguests would be returning for a spot in the grand, and most fans were assuming the it would be Canada that would decide which houseguest would be returning to the game.

However, fans were greeted to a rude shock this weekend with the Live Feeds being entirely switched off as Big Brother Canada producers kept under wraps who would be returning to the house.

The houseguests sent Kelsey back into the house over the weekend with Loveita being officially evicted from the game.

Peter Monagahan (via Twitter) said “Way to go @BigBrotherCA awesome twist just shot your only great player in the face. AND we didn’t get to see any of it live. Thanks.”

Some viewers have even threatened to switch off after accusing producers of “toying” with the fundamentals of the Big Brother Canada format.

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