Day 35: Dallas Fourth To Be Evicted From The Grand

Tonight Dallas became the fourth houseguest to be evicted from the BBCAN Grand.

After becoming notoriously known as the houseguest that wouldn’t use the POV’s , it seemed more of less obvious that Dallas doomed his Big Brother game by not deciding to make any big moves.

This week Dallas and Ramsey were nominated for eviction after Tim used the Big Brother Australia Nominations system to determine his votes, Ramsey won the POV and took himself off the block. As a result Maddy was placed on the block by Tim for having the third most amount of votes.

Earlier on today however, Tim seemed convinced that Dallas would not be going home, however after a disagreement with Nikki is seemed as if that all went pear shaped.

Jared voted to evict Dallas
Nikki voted to evict Dallas
Ramsey voted to evict Dallas
Raul voted to evict:Dallas
Cassandra voted to evict Maddy
Joel voted to evict Maddy
Mitch voted to evict Dallas
The Brothers voted to evict Maddy

Dallas was evicted by a vote of 5 – 3

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