Day 16: Tim Stays True To Nikki and Power 5

Nikki and Tim have been having a game chat in the bedroom.

Nikki expresses her concern to Tim about her worry that he was going to abandon her and the Power 5 alliance

Tim said “You know what maybe I could put up with Rahul and it would be like a double power couple”

When talking about the importance of Loveita in his game
“She has found out alot of information by walking through the fire, it makes her quite powerful

As long as she feels strong and secure in our group she wont leave, she’ll always have her plan B ready”

Tim reveals that there was an original group where Ramsey, Dallas and Loveita were all together, but “Dallas ratted out Ramsey, Loveita pulled away from that, and made a deal with “the other side”

Tim further discussed their alliances Targets “I just think our targets, I don’t want to get rid of Maddy and Kelsey yet. Rahul needs to go, and perhaps Ramsey, just the ones on the outer, the smart ones, the dangerous ones, they can steal Loveita.

If Mitch, Joel and the brothers stick with us we won’t need Loveita”

Tim also told Nikki the importance of keeping up relationships with Kelsey and Cassandra, “they’ll think I’m at the bottom of the pile”

“The longer we can keep it quiet the better” Nikki added

Tim predicts “They’ll go for Loveita and the brothers next week, they won’t go for Mitch or Joel yet, they might go for one of us

“We just have to work out our hit list, the girls aren’t the top. Kelsey will always ruin Jared’s game”

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