Day 12: Task – Dirty Laundry

The houseguests were given a special task by Big Brother for charity.

Joel and Cassandra have been selected to give two of their laundry items to charity, but that’s not all there is to the task. The houseguests have actually been instructed to make Joel and Cassandra feel bad enough to give all of their clothes to the charity.

Dallas announced to Joel and Cassandra that he would put them both on the block if they didn’t donate all of their items.

Joel and Cassandra quickly gave in and sacrificed all of their clothes.

Following the “big prank”, Joel read a note addressed from Big Brother that himself and Cassandra had been pranked and Big Brother will throw a party for the houseguests later on tonight.

Big Brother also committed to donating $5,000 to the Dress for Success Canada charity.

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