BBCAN4: Host Arisa Cox Talks Season 4

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox let loose on the all new season of Big Brother on Kiss Radio’s The Ara Show.
“The house is banging!” she said

Arisa touched on the “iconic international Big Brother players” and the twist that is at hand

“It’s amusing, i get people are protective of the show, because it’s a good show”

Justifying the Big Brother Canada producers decision “We arguably have the most international country on the planet”

“We have to keep evolving, we have to keep innovating, that is how we stay relevant”

When asked if being an older houseguest is a disadvange she said “The game is about adaptation, age has nothing to do with it”

“Big Brother never repeats itself, you can’t tell how they (the houseguests) are going to do”

Big Brother Canada airs on Global:
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday

Big Brother Canada Sideshow airs Fridays with Arisa Cox, Peter Brown and Sarah Hanlan on Global

After Dark airs nightly on Slice

Live Feed remains Free

Big Brother Canada Premieres Tomorrow Night on Global at 9pm E/T

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