BBCAN4: HoH – “One Night Stand” Comp Crowns Loveita Champion

Tonight the fourteen new houseguests were thrown into their first Head of Household competition of the season titled “One Night Stand”, the rules were relatively simple.

Each houseguest had to hold onto a rope and a platform that decreases in size as the compeition progresses.

Arisa announced a small twist to the group that Joel was voted the least likely to win and Nick and Phillipe most likely to win. If Joel wasn’t the first to fall he would recieve immunity for the first week.

If the Phillipe didn’t win then himself and his brother would be stuck in isolation for the first night.

The competition starts with water being sprayed at all the houseguests, Joel obviously clinging onto his rope hoping that he isn’t the first to fall is relieved when Cassandra falls not to mess up her make-up.

The houseguests begin to drop like flies as the compeition intensifies with only Jared and Loveita to fight out the first HoH.

Jared then makes a pact with Loveita who agrees that she’ll keep Jared safe for the first week. However, in the Diary Room Loveita hints this may not be as it seems.

Tune into Big Brother Canada tomorrow night 8pm ET/PT on Global as we find out which Wildcards get to move into the house, and which houseguest is sent packing.

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