BBCAN4: ET Reveals Lavish New Big Brother Canada 4 House

The new Big Brother Canada House ultimately sets the bar for the best house design in Big Brother history, dubbed the “BBCAN Grand”.

Producers have gone all out to ensure that this years Houseguests live in the lap of luxury, or is it?

The high-roller vegas theme is evident throughout the entire house

Global has said that the house this year is “Sporting a vibrant colour scheme, splashy décor, and extravagant rooms”

The Houseguests of Season 4 will be famously treated to “glitzy accommodations, including a disco-themed hot tub area, an indoor pool, the most extravagant Head of Household room ever and two impeccably appointed bedrooms — perfect for late-night alliance strategy sessions or getting cozy with a showmance”.

“The BBCAN Grand boasts 75 microphones, 98 cameras, 9,000 4-LED light bulbs, 11,000 combined ft of structural beams, 15,000 feet of fibre, 35,000 feet of camera cables, 200,000 feet of video cable and 200,000 individual LED lights”.

Watch the tour here:

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